Air Quality Tips in Time for Earth Day!

Good air quality is essential to everyone’s life. In addition to just making people feel better, quality indoor air can reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies significantly. The great news is, improving air quality at home isn’t as hard as it sounds. So, this Earth Day, using the tips provided by local HVAC technicians, homeowners can do their part to help both themselves and the environment.

How Air Purifiers Can Help Air Quality

A great place for homeowners to start when trying to increase their indoor air quality this Earth Day is with an air purifier. There are a variety of ways in which they can be used in the home. The two most common options are air filters and UV systems.

While both accomplish the same thing in terms of air quality, they do it in slightly different ways. UV systems inactivate any microorganisms and airborne pathogens but don’t always help with allergens. Air purifiers/filters actually pull particulate matter into the system with a series of fans and run them through multiple filters to clean the air.

Many people also use salt lamps for air purification, but they haven’t been proven to work as well as the other options. In addition to purchasing a product to improve the air in the home, a simple option is simply opening the windows! As the air in the home can often contain just as many toxins (if not more) than the air outside it, opening the windows helps the air to circulate and clears many of the pollutants out naturally. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

The Benefits of Plants on Indoor Air Quality

A fun and natural way to improve indoor air quality are by using more plants inside the home. They act as natural air purifiers, filtering pollutants and toxins from the air.

Some of the top air-purifying plants are:

  • Peace lilies
  • Boston ferns
  • Aloe vera
  • Philodendrons

Just the addition of a few well-placed plants in the home can make all of the difference with indoor air quality. Homeowners shouldn’t stop with just indoor plants, however. To help celebrate Earth Day, plant a few trees outside of the home as well.

Trees help to absorb excess carbon dioxide in the environment, which lowers air pollution, as well as producing oxygen, and improving air quality not just for the home but for the entire world.

Are Automated Thermostats Worth It?

One of the best parts of technology advancing is that homeowners have so many more options when it comes to green solutions that help boost their indoor air quality.

Automated, or smart, thermostats are a great way to be more energy conscious this Earth Day. They connect directly with the WiFi in the home, which allows the homeowner to turn the thermostat off and on without even being at home.

They are also programmable, so that allows the temperature to be set specifically for weekdays, weekends, vacations, etc. In addition to natural solutions for air quality, programmable thermostats are the perfect, easily installed green solution.

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