Do you tend to lose power during strong storms? Avoid this by calling us to schedule generator repair and installation services in Asheville.

    Losing power during a storm can be a major inconvenience for your household – even if the blackout lasts for just a few hours. Without power, you may not be able to run your HVAC systems, electronic devices, or your appliances – including your refrigerator. To avoid these inconveniences, and the risk of having your food spoil, install a whole-house generator in your property in Asheville, NC. Trust our technicians to perform repairs and replacements on your unit to keep the lights on – no matter what’s happening in your neighborhood. We offer same-day services!

    Benefits of Installing a Whole House Generator

    Do you frequently lose power during severe storms? You can prevent these inconveniences – and safety risks – by installing a whole-house generator.

    Some of the benefits of installing these systems in your home can include:

    Improved Safety

    These units emit fewer fumes than portable generators, making them safer to have around your home and your family.

    Better Functionality

    These units can work for hours without pausing or quitting. They can also be set to turn on specific appliances during a blackout, like a refrigerator or HVAC system.

    Start Automatically

    These start automatically after just a few minutes of losing power.

    Peace of Mind

    A whole house generator can give you assurances that your family and your home are safe during a power outage.

    How To Select a Generator for Your Home

    It’s important to choose the right generator for your home — both in functionality and in size.

    When selecting a unit for your house you should consider the following:

    • Know which electrical appliances and devices you need to function during a blackout.
    • Be aware of how the unit works in various temperatures to ensure it works during summer blackouts. This is important to keep the air conditioner running during periods of extreme heat.
    • Ensure the system can power your refrigerator during a power outage to protect your perishables.
    • Know what size of the unit to purchase by determining the total watts of electricity the generator will need to provide.
    • How much do you want to spend on a system?

    Why You Need a Standby Generator

    Do you think generators are only for construction sites or rural areas? Think again – they can benefit homes in the suburbs and urban areas, too.

    To determine if you can benefit from a standby generator, consider these questions:

    • Does your neighborhood experience heavy rain or severe storms?
    • Do you experience power outages more than three times a year?
    • Do you experience lengthy blackouts, especially in the summer heat?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these, then a generator can benefit your household. Contact our technicians at Champion Comfort Experts to learn about our installation services.

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    To install a whole-house generator system in your house, call Champion Comfort Experts to schedule an appointment with our technicians. When you call us for services in Asheville, NC, we will provide upfront pricing.