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    Air conditioners are complicated, intricate appliances. Each component must work in sequence in order for the device to function. There’s one particular compartment found attached to these machines that house several critical systems. It’s known as the air handler. Proper maintenance of the parts within is crucial to a working AC unit.

    Air Handler Services

    The air conditioning contractors at Champion Comfort Experts are capable of performing air handler repair and air handler installation services to homes in the Flat Rock, NC area. We’re ready to help anybody who needs any of the components inside an air handler fixed or replaced.

    What Is an Air Handler?

    What Is an Air Handler?It’s possible you’ve seen your air conditioner’s air handler many times without even knowing about it. The air handler looks like a plain metal box connected to the outside of an AC unit. Inside of this compartment are several essential parts, including filters, fans, sound attenuators, and dampers, each of which is vital to the functionality of your air conditioning system. If any damage came upon the air handler, it could impact the performance of these components and by extension the effectiveness of the device itself. Considering how valuable these parts are to the appliance, it’s best to reach out to a professional if you’re in need of air handler services to ensure the job is done right.

    Importance of Air Handler Services

    An air handler in disrepair could drastically impact the efficiency of your AC unit. Things such as mold growth due to excess moisture, algae in the condenser drain, or a dusty evaporator coil can play a role in how well your air conditioner performs. Dirt and debris that make their way inside the air handler could potentially clog up the filters, which would force higher energy consumption and an increase in energy costs. Help your air conditioning system by scheduling regular maintenance and giving technicians an opportunity to inspect the air handler.

    We Offer First-Rate Service

    We Offer First-Rate ServiceHere at Champion Comfort Experts, we aim to deliver the finest home comfort services in Western North Carolina. We’ve offered exceptional service since opening our doors for business in 2004. Our reputation is built upon exceeding the expectations of our customers.

    In addition, we’re ready to serve you with on-time solutions! If there’s a problem with your air handler and you need speedy repairs or replacements, we’ll always be here to take your call and lend a hand.

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    We’re trusted to deliver air handler repair and air handler installation services to homes in the Flat Rock, NC area. Ensure all of your AC components are functioning properly. Call us to book an appointment or schedule a service online!