Hendersonville Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement

Are flickering lights or faulty outlets giving you grief? We provide expert breaker panel services!

If you have noticed that certain outlets in your home won’t seem to work, or your lights are flickering on and off, it could be a sign of a damaged electrical panel. There are several problems that could cause damage to your panel. Electrical panel repair is not a simple task so it’s best to call your friends at Champion Comfort Experts for professional electrical panel services in Hendersonville, NC.

We’ll be more than happy to go out to your home for an inspection. It’s a huge inconvenience to not be able to use your home’s electrical. Our technicians are trained and insured to help you. We can assist in identifying your trouble spots and delivering personalized solutions.

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Should You Replace Your Fuse Box?

Fuse boxes are old and outdated systems still in use in many North American homes today. Not every fuse box is unsafe or in need of replacement, but we recommend replacing your fuse box and installing a breaker panel instead thanks to the increased safety features. A modern home has many demands that can put a strain on older systems. Here are some reasons to consider upgrading:

  • Fuses are inconvenient. Having to replace them frequently can be a hassle.
  • Replacing a fuse could require waiting for the correct fuse and hoping it fits your system properly.
  • Fuse boxes are not compatible with GFCI outlets which are required by many electrical codes.
  • Fuse boxes are more sensitive to electrical overloads.

When to Repair Your Circuit Panel

A vital part of keeping your home’s electrical running smoothly is by having an electrical panel or circuit breaker that functions like it’s supposed to. It’s easy to forget about electric panel repair and replacement, but it doesn’t hurt to check up on your system. Delaying service can cause a number of issues so learn to recognize the signs so that you can call a professional.

  • Burnt or other odd smells from your panel
  • Appliances running at half capacity
  • A warm or hot panel
  • Frequently flickering or dimming lights

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Why Work With Us?

Not every electrician knows what they’re doing when it comes to your home’s electrical. Don’t risk hiring an amateur for this important job! A poorly installed panel could lead to a host of issues that will cost you down the line. We can assist with professional service so that you can feel confident knowing you won’t have a safety issue on your hands. You deserve the best, which is why we strive to deliver quality during every single service. When you work with us, you’ll experience:

  • Upfront prices
  • Affordable financing options
  • Knowledgeable technicians
  • Excellent service
  • Fast turnarounds

Champion Comfort Experts in Hendersonville, NC is a fully insured, family-owned and operated company providing electric panel service in your neighborhood. Give us a call at 828-668-5330 or schedule online today.