Hendersonville Whole House Safety Inspections

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe!

Our job is to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe in your home everyday. We know that certain issues leave you vulnerable to dangerous, unhealthy conditions in your home. According to the NFPA, electrical malfunctions were the second leading cause of home fires in the U.S. This statistic can be scary, especially if you did not receive professional installation of your home’s wiring and appliances including fire and CO detectors. Champion Comfort Experts can assist you with making your Hendersonville, NC home a safe space to kick back and relax.

When it comes to whole home inspections, you want to choose an experienced company that keeps your safety in mind. After years of providing service to your neighbors, we deliver accurate service every time so you can feel confident your home is safe.

Keep your home safe from the dangers of home fires with smoke detector installation.

Why Perform a Whole Home Safety Inspection?

If you’re one of the lucky homeowners who have never had to experience an electrical emergency, you might not put much thought into scheduling an electrical inspection. For many homeowners, these dangerous conditions go unnoticed until it’s too late. Most homeowners will perform an inspection when they first purchase a home but forget to schedule an annual inspection.

It’s absolutely necessary to schedule regular electrical inspections to ensure your home’s electrical is in safe and working condition. This is a guarantee that will keep your system working reliably for decades to come. We offer a variety of maintenance plans so that you don’t have to keep remembering to schedule your service.

Signs You Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

If you’ve never scheduled a regular electrical safety inspection, you might be wondering when is a good time to start. It’s never a bad time to schedule one, but keep an eye on the following signs:

  • Flickering lights
  • Hot outlets or switches
  • Buzzing noises
  • Sparking from outlets
  • Frequently tripped circuit breaker
  • Strange odors of burnt plastic or smoke

Burnt or sparking outlets means you’re in need of an outlet replacement. Trust us with same-day service!

Why Work With Us?

Champion Comfort Experts has the expertise to provide reliable, professional electrical services for your home. We don’t overlook your safety and comfort which is why we offer a variety of inspection and preventative services to keep an eye on your home’s system. Customers choose us because of our focus on the customer experience. You can expect:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Licensed technicians
  • Fast turnarounds

Champion Comfort Experts in Hendersonville, NC makes your safety a priority with thorough home electrical inspections. Call our team at 828-668-5330 or schedule online today.