How to Combat Allergies With a New Filter

With so much attention being paid to all of the viruses and bacteria in the world that can make everyone in the family ill, people are super aware of every cough or sneeze. This can lead to fear and embarrassment for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies, which are also a major issue this time of year.

The good news is, installing the right allergy relief filters in the home can provide significant relief from those types of allergy symptoms and allow everyone to feel safer in public.

HEPA Allergy Relief Filters

HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air, filters are often a game-changer for those dealing with the symptoms of seasonal or environmental allergies.

This mechanical style of allergy relief filters provides support by forcing the air in the home through a fine mesh.

This mesh traps the vast majority of harmful particulate matter, including dust, dander, pollens, and more. Many homeowners mistakenly think that HEPA air filters are a brand. This style of allergy relief filter is actually made by a large variety of different brands, including Honeywell, GermGuardian, Lasko, and Makita.

To be designated a “HEPA” filter, it must stop 99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 microns thick. HEPA allergy relief filters can be used with both the HVAC system and stand-alone air purifiers, as well.

Charcoal Air Filters

Another great option for allergy relief filters is charcoal filters. While charcoal is the subject of a fairly serious amount of hype, these filters do live up to their reputation by providing significant allergy relief to all members of the house.

The way charcoal allergy relief filters work is by using tiny pieces of either powdered block or granular charcoal to filter out all sorts of impurities, including most allergens and even odors.

This traps big particles while also purifying the remaining air, as particulate matter sticks to the charcoal as they pass through the filter. The even better news is that charcoal allergy relief filters can be combined with HEPA allergy relief filters to stop as many allergens as possible. That makes it the perfect combination to help allergy sufferers stop sneezing and coughing.

HEPA Eco Mode

In addition to choosing the correct allergy relief filters for the home, homeowners should also make sure to check if their system has an “eco mode.” When an air conditioner is running, the vast majority of the electricity it needs comes from its compressor.

The lower the temperature the homeowner wants their home to stay at, the harder the system has to work to get and keep it there. Eco mode systems have a button, usually green in color, which works by increasing the fan speed at a slightly higher (around 2 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature.

This reduces the workload of the compressor, leading to lower energy bills and a positive impact on the environment. When combined with a quality HEPA filter that is changed appropriately, it’s just good for everyone in the home all around. HEPA allergy relief filters can also be used in air purifiers for better indoor air quality.

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