Why Schedule Furnace Maintenance This Fall?

The fall is a special time of year. It’s filled with gorgeous colors, fun decor, and delicious seasonal coffee flavors. But the cooler weather also means that the heater is used more frequently. Is the home ready to provide the heat demanded by homeowners and their families in the coming months? That’s a question that only a furnace maintenance check can answer.

HVAC Unit Working Overtime

With the global pandemic still raging on, people continue to spend more time at home. Many people are working at home and going to school at home. Now that the weather is getting cooler, patio and outdoor restaurants may not be able to keep their doors open, meaning people will be eating at home more frequently. Thus, the HVAC unit is working harder to provide heat and comfort to all areas of the home at all times of the day.

Before, homeowners might have set the temperatures a bit lower when out of the house, but not anymore. The HVAC system needs to be prepared to do that amount of work efficiently over the fall and winter months. Of course, the best way to make sure that this happens is through a furnace tune-up.

Save Money with Regular Tune-Ups

Regular furnace tune-ups are truly the best way to ensure the unit is running efficiently all season long. They’re the best way to ensure that homeowners and their families can stay comfortable at home during the cooler months of the year. And they’re also the best way to help homeowners save money in the long run.

Preventative maintenance checks don’t cost much. Neither do small tweaks to the unit’s components to improve its efficiency. What does cost a lot of money is an HVAC emergency. Having the heater break down in the middle of the winter is not only a huge inconvenience, but it can cost a great deal to have it repaired. Regular tune-ups prevent this major expense from happening by ensuring everything is in good shape when the heat is first turned on.

Avoiding a Breakdown

Skipping maintenance checks can be a pretty risky move. If it hasn’t been checked for a while, homeowners may have no idea what kind of shape their unit is in or if it’s even safe to turn on again this year. Additionally, missing furnace tune-ups can lead to a breakdown.

Furnaces can break down for all kinds of reasons. There may be a dirty air filter, a thermostat malfunction, a leaking refrigerant, a clogged valve, wear and tear on the components, a malfunctioning ignitor, and so on. Regular tune-ups spot and fix these problems before they take control. They prevent homeowners from dealing with the stress of an HVAC emergency during winter. They provide peace of mind, knowing that their furnace can still provide comfort and warmth when homeowners and their families need it most.

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