Discover the Best Temperature for Your Home for All Seasons

There’s a lot of advice floating around out there about the best temperatures to keep the home at. Some people think that the inside temperature should be based on the outside temperature. Others say that the inside temperature should only change during the seasons. Optimizing the temperature in the home can not only keep everyone there comfortable, but it can save homeowners money and ensure that the HVAC system continues to work well for a long time to come. So read on to learn the best temperature to keep the home at all year long.

Fall and Winter Months

The best way to optimize a home’s temperature is by adjusting the temperature depending on the season. The fall and winter months require different settings than the spring and summer months. For best results, set the thermostat to 68-degrees Fahrenheit during the fall and winter when at home. This temperature is ideal for keeping the home from getting too cold while simultaneously preventing the heater from working too hard to keep the house warm.

For some people, 68 degrees may be a little too chilly, in which case adding a layer of clothing is the best way to stay warm. But for those who want to save even more money, one can lower the temperature during the night when people are asleep. Dropping the temperature ten degrees for at least eight hours can provide significant energy savings — as much as 15% in some cases.

Spring and Summer Months

During the spring and summer months, it’s best to keep the home’s thermostat set at 78-degrees Fahrenheit. Like the 68-degree temperature, this temperature gives the best of both worlds: comfort and optimization. The energy it takes to cool the home past 78 degrees can end up costing more money, causing the air conditioner to run overtime.

During the nighttime in the summer, it’s tempting to turn the thermostat way down, but to save money, it’s best to encourage people to sleep with fewer blankets to keep from getting warm. And if 78-degrees during the day is too warm, it’s okay to lower the temperature, but with every degree lower it goes, the more efficiency the AC loses.

When the House Is Empty

There are not a lot of homeowners who need to worry about when the house is empty. It’s common for people to think that cooling the house after it has sat empty can take a lot of energy, but this is a common misconception. Keeping the home cooler even when no one’s there will waste energy. So it’s best to turn off the AC when the house is empty during the summer.

In the winter, the only thing homeowners need to worry about is keeping the pipes from freezing. The temperature range for this is between 50 and 55-degrees Fahrenheit. This will help keep the pipes from freezing and allow homeowners to save money by not heating the house when it’s empty.

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