Signs of HVAC Mechanical Wear and Tear

HVAC units see a lot of wear. They are one of the few things around homes that receive use almost constantly year-round. Whether they’re keeping you cool in the summer or warm during the winter, HVAC units are regularly used.

Due to this heavy use, they experience more wear and tear than many parts of the home. Recognizing the early signs of wear on your machine can help you avoid significant problems later and be prepared for replacement when it’s needed.

What Deteriorates First in Your HVAC System

When you run your HVAC unit daily all year long, it will eventually start to exhibit deterioration due to use. This is known as wear and tear. Several components are especially susceptible to wear and tear including fans, belts, motors, vents, and filters. When your fans slow, the system will have a harder time working efficiently.

Clogged vents and filters also slow down the unit and cause it to work inefficiently. The harder your HVAC system has to work to cool or heat your home, the more energy it will consume and the more you’ll notice an increase in your electric bills. If not fixed, simple wear and tear can create significant problems for your unit.

The Impact HVAC Damages

When your HVAC unit runs without proper maintenance, and wear and tear is allowed to continue unimpeded, you’re creating significant issues for the life of your unit. When belts get worn down, they won’t be able to keep your fans spinning as quickly as needed. Slow fans mean air doesn’t get cooled off in the condensing units and your house will not be cooled as effectively.

Clogged vents and filters force the machine to work harder to pump air through your home and contribute to further damage to your unit. When motors begin wearing down, it’s especially important to fix the issue. If a motor is wearing down, your unit will be less effective, making the motor work even harder. The harder a worn-down motor has to work the more likely it is that the motor will stop working altogether.

What’s Causing These Issues in the First Place

Most wear and tear problems within HVAC units occur most frequently due to a lack of proper maintenance. Most people view their HVAC units as a “set it and forget it” part of a house. However, just like your roof, leaky sink, or garden, your HVAC needs regular maintenance and care.
The easiest way to prevent HVAC problems from occurring with your unit is to ensure your HVAC is professionally inspected each season. HVAC techs know what to look for and ensure timely replacement of HVAC parts that experience excessive amounts of wear and tear.

Motors need regular tuning, fan belts need replacement, vents need cleaning, and filters need replacing. Each of these is an important item for maintenance and replacement if necessary. Letting these go unmaintained can cause serious problems with your unit later on and can even lead to total unit replacement.

Superior, Trusted HVAC Techs

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