Don’t Fall Victim to These Preventable AC Problems

As the summer winds down, most people are finally looking forward to some cooler temperatures. A home’s air conditioner likely desires the decreased workload of the fall season just as people look forward to cooler temperatures. But as is common in most places, summer will probably get in a few final shots in the form of the last sweltering days of the year.

Just because summer is winding down doesn’t mean that air conditioners can be put away for the year. Often, AC problems are the direct result of neglect that can happen at the end of the cooling season. For homeowners, before they turn the AC off for the year, take a moment and learn from these local HVAC technicians. Their advice can help air conditioners stay reliable year after year and prevent unnecessary downtime or repairs.

Inadequate Airflow

A common problem at the end of the cooling season is reduced airflow from the central AC system. Reduced airflow can be a problem because it leads to situations where humidity stays high, cooled air is still warm, and other mechanical problems can result. Some of the things that can lead to inadequate airflow from an air conditioner are:

  • Dirty Filters: Dirty, clogged filters don’t allow air to be freely distributed around the home. Not only does air quality suffer, but the house will also stay warm and stuffy.
  • Frozen Coils: When air can’t move freely over the cooling coils in the AC, the coils can freeze up from the humidity in the air. This leads to inadequate airflow and cooling and can cause floods once the coils defrost.
  • Damaged Ductwork: With the extra load put on ductwork in the summer, problems can arise that allow conditioned air to escape, leading to a poor supply of cold air. Unless repaired, the problem will continue into the heating season as well.
    Good maintenance during the season and postseason inspections can help prevent these problems.

Leaking Coils and Refrigerant Leaks

AC coils are filled with a chemical refrigerant that is responsible for cooling the air in a home. From time to time, leaks can occur that cause a loss of pressure in the refrigerant. This can greatly reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency and subsequently make the home uncomfortable during the summer. Refrigerant leaks can also be hazardous to a person’s health, causing refrigerant poisoning.

Routine inspections can catch leaks before they become serious. Joining a membership program with a local HVAC company can ensure that inspections are done twice per year. Doing so can help spot leaks before they become too expensive to repair, and they can help make sure cooling bills stay low.

No Power to the Unit

When the air conditioner won’t turn on, it can be truly frustrating. Often the problems that cause an air conditioner to lose power will require AC repairs from a professional. The most likely cause of an air conditioner that has no power is a breaker that is tripped. AC breakers can trip when they work too hard, or some mechanical or electrical problem has popped up. Having a professional look at the unit can prevent further damage and get things back on the right track.

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