How Many of These Fun Facts Are Common Knowledge?

Indoor air conditioning is something that modern families have come to count on during the hot summer months. Without it, homes wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable or safe for families to live in. It is such a monumental part of societal life, but most people don’t know much about it. There is a whole slew of fun air conditioning facts that homeowners can learn about this Independence Day!

Some of the facts are patriotic, making now the perfect time to learn them!

Some of these facts could even help homeowners understand their current air conditioning system and how beneficial it is to their daily lives. Continue reading to learn more about the fascinating world of air conditioning.

July 17th Is National AC Day

In honor of the air conditioner being invented on July 17th, 1902, 7/17 is National AC Day. It is the perfect day to sit back and relax inside with that wonderful air conditioner the world would be so lost without.

Of course, homeowners can’t enjoy their AC if it isn’t properly cared for. If it hasn’t been done already, now is a great time to have the air conditioning unit professionally cleaned and maintained to avoid trouble. This will ensure that the system isn’t overworked and works efficiently every day, especially on July 17th.

AC Was Invented Right Here in the USA

As mentioned above, the air conditioner was invented on July 17th, 1902. However, many people aren’t aware that it was invented by a man named Willis Carrier, located right here in America in the great state of New York. Willis Carrier was an American Engineer but is best known for his invention of the ac because the air conditioner is remembered as the invention that changed the world.

It was originally invented to keep printers from overheating but soon would become an industry of its own, based around global productivity and personal comfort and safety. AC not only brought people comfort from the summer heat, but it helped businesses as well.

People couldn’t wait to go to places like:

  • The movies
  • The mall
  • The grocery store

Any indoor business that had ac during the summer months would have more customers than those that didn’t. So, it didn’t take long for business owners to catch on and invest in the invention. The high demand for cool air in the summer created the air conditioning industry that everyone knows and cherishes today. An industry that hasn’t ever needed any extra promotion or advertising. An industry that speaks for itself.

The Phrase “Summer Blockbuster” Came From the AC

By the 1930s, ac was becoming more popular in businesses and movie theaters especially. During the summer, people would come in from all over to escape the heat and enjoy the cool AC while watching a movie. And so, the term “Summer Blockbuster” was born.

The term was soon in all of the newspapers, enticing people to beat the heat and watch the newest flick. Air conditioning has proved beneficial for so many people and businesses throughout the years; movie theaters are just one of them!

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