The Role of Freon in an HVAC System

For those that have had their AC breakdown in the middle of a heatwave in the dead of summer, they will never forget what that kind of discomfort feels like. It really puts into perspective what life was like before the AC was invented.

And they did it all with long pants, long skirts, and jackets! In this article, homeowners can get a more in-depth look at what’s going on within the AC unit. They’ll learn about freon, what it does, and how to maintain it over time.

What Is the Role of Freon?

what is freonIn short, freon is the cooling agent used in the vast majority of air conditioning systems. AC systems need a refrigerant to create the cool air that is released into the house. And this is the role of freon; it acts as the refrigerant to cool the air.
If a freon leak is spotted, homeowners should not attempt to fix it themselves. Freon is a lethal and toxic substance. Inhaling it is poisonous and could result in death. Instead, contact an HVAC professional, as they will have the necessary safety equipment to fix the leak properly.

This type of leak can often be repaired, but the repair method depends on the severity of the damage. In some cases, the leak can be repaired by replacing individual components of the system, such as the coils. In more severe cases, a new air conditioning unit may need to be installed.

HVAC Services for Freon

As mentioned, freon leaks are incredibly dangerous for a person’s health as well as the environment. Therefore, any leaks or problems with freon should be left to the pros.

Though freon leaks aren’t very common, they can happen, so homeowners should be aware of what can cause these leaks. A few of the most common causes for leaks include:

  • Improper installation of the AC Unit
  • Factory Defects
  • Damage to the AC Unit
  • Erosion of Metal Over Time

If a foul odor starts to arise when the air conditioning unit is active, it could be a freon leak. In this case, homeowners should leave the home and call a professional for help.

Freon Maintenance Tips to Avoid Future Leaks

In some cases, freon leaks are unavoidable, such as a factory defect. Homeowners would have no idea that their AC unit has a defect until it starts being used and ends up leaking freon.

As for the other common causes of freon leaks, there is something that can be done:

  • Improper installation of the AC Unit: To avoid improper installation, do some thorough research on the HVAC professionals in the area. Do they have a history of success? Do they have lifetime guarantees? Have they been in business for a long time? All of these questions will help determine whether an HVAC professional is really suitable for the job.
  • Damage to the AC Unit: Be mindful when doing yard work, such as mowing the lawn or weed whacking. Additionally, inspect the AC unit after any storm damage. If any components are bent out of shape, they should be replaced to avoid a leak.
  • Erosion of Metal Over Time: Though this can’t be prevented, it’s important for homeowners to monitor any erosion that’s taking place. When the damage starts to become noticeable, it’s best to replace the components before they start to leak.

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