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    Plumbing Repairs in LeicesterAs a leading local plumbing and drain cleaning company in Leicester, NC, we see homeowners struggling with plumbing issues and concerns every day. From blocked drains to leaks to hot water tank replacements, our team at Champion Comfort Experts can handle any project, big or small.

    We believe that plumbing is about more than just fixing your current problem—it’s about preventing future issues and making sure your home is energy efficient.

    Just a sampling of the residential plumbing services we offer include:

    • Hot water tank installation
    • Clogged drain repair
    • Water heater maintenance
    • On-demand water heater installation for instant hot water
    • Garbage disposals and kitchen plumbing
    • Fixture installation and bathroom plumbing
    • Sump pumps
    • Repiping

    Signs You Have a Blocked Drain

    Even if you’re very careful about what you put down the sink, eventually dirt, grease, and organic matter will clump together to form a clog.

    While you can use commercial drain cleaners to try to fix the problem on your own, this method has several drawbacks. Not only do drain cleaners contain caustic agents that will damage your pipes, but they rarely remove the entire clog, leading to more blocked drains in the future.

    Give us a call as soon as you notice signs of a clogged drain, such as:

    • Slow draining water
    • Problems with multiple drains
    • Unpleasant odors or drain flies
    • Recurring clogs

    No matter the type, size, or location of the clog, our team can get things flowing free again.

    Top-Quality Hot Water Services

    Most of us take hot water for granted. That is until we don’t have it anymore. Even with regular maintenance, hot water heaters have a limited lifespan, after which you may have to consider a replacement.

    In many cases, we can repair small issues, such as a hot water heater that’s leaking, without replacing the existing heater. However, once your heater is beyond repair, we’ll advise you on the latest models to ensure you get an energy-efficient and effective replacement.

    We highly recommend making the switch to a point-of-use water heater, also known as a tankless water heater, if you don’t use one already. It will be easier on your pocketbook and the environment.

    Residential Plumbing Experts

    Plumbing jobs can get very complicated very quickly. It’s vital to work with someone with the expertise to deal with any hiccups or issues that arise quickly and efficiently. Instead of hiring the most affordable plumber and hoping for the best, work with someone you can trust.

    Plumbing Services in Leicester

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    If you’re suffering from plumbing problems in Leicester, NC, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Champion Comfort Experts, our team has several decades of experience—find out why we’re Leicester’s top residential plumber today. We also offer electrical and HVAC services.