Asheville Sewer Line Repair & Installation

Don’t risk your family’s health and your home’s plumbing system by ignoring an issue with your sewer line. Call us for sewer line repairs and installations in Asheville!

When is the last time you wondered about the status of your home’s sewer line? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s probably been a while - if ever. That’s because your property’s sewer line quietly works within your plumbing system to remove sewage from your home, making it out-of-sight-out-of-mind -- until there’s an issue. When your sewer line malfunctions it can put your family’s health at risk and cause damage to your home. You need professional help, and fast. Call Champion Comfort Experts for appointments in Asheville, NC. We provide upfront pricing and offer same-day services!

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Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Issues with your sewer line can cause damage to your property and potential health risks to your family. To prevent problems, it’s important to be aware of what can cause them. Some risks to watch out for are:

  • Blockages in drains that clog the line.
  • Corrosive soil that causes the line to deteriorate.
  • Cracks in the line.
  • Shifting of the earth that causes the lines to collapse. Aging can also cause this.
  • Tree roots that are interfering with the line.
  • Problems with your septic tank.
  • Issues during a major construction project that interfere with the line.

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repairs

The longer sewer line issues go unrepaired the more of a threat they are to your family’s health and your home. To limit the damage, it’s important to catch problems as soon as possible so you can have them professionally repaired. Some symptoms to watch for are:

  • Your drains are slow to empty or don’t empty out at all.
  • You have multiple drains that are clogged at one time.
  • You smell sewage in or around your property.
  • You hear bubbling sounds when you use the sink or flush the toilet.
  • You see standing water around the sewer line.
  • You have water backing up out of your tubs, toilets, and sinks.

When heavy storms hit, you need a properly functioning sump pump to prevent flooding in your home. Call us to learn about our sump pump services.

How To Prevent Sewer Line Issues

While sewer line problems can potentially cause damage to your home, there are steps you can take to try to prevent issues with the line. These can include:

  • Knowing what you can put down your drains and toilet. Some items to avoid include hygienic products, diapers, cooking grease, oils, and even some types of toilet paper.
  • Locating and marking your sewer lines before performing a large excavation or construction project in your yard.
  • Keeping trees with large root systems as far away from sewage lines as possible.
  • Putting screens in your sinks, showers, and bathtubs to prevent debris from going down the drain.

It’s important to act quickly when your sewer line needs repairs. Call Champion Comfort Experts at 828-232-6515 to schedule repairs and installations in Asheville, NC. We offer same-day appointments.