Does your house feel humid, even when the air conditioner is running? Call us to learn how a dehumidifier can help. We provide repair and installation services in Asheville.

    If your house feels humid, it can be a bigger problem than just being uncomfortable in your home. Too much moisture in your house can lead to the formation of mold and mildew, which can lead to health issues for your family. To get rid of the humidity – and make your house feel less sticky – call Champion Comfort Experts to schedule dehumidifier services with our experienced technicians. We offer repairs and installations to the Asheville, NC area. We also provide same-day appointments to restore comfort to your house.

    Benefits of AC Dehumidifier Installation

    Having too much moisture in your home can have negative consequences for your house. Not only does it make your house humid and uncomfortable, but it can also lead to health issues if mold and mildew form.

    Installing a dehumidifier can help you avoid these issues, and also provide you with the following benefits:

    • Eliminate clammy skin that can occur when the inside of your home is cold and the humidity is high.
    • Reduce high levels of humidity, which can prevent mold and bacteria from growing.
    • Remove humidity left by the air conditioner.
    • Decrease musty odors, mildew, mold, stuffy air, and condensation.
    • Take some of the burdens off of your air conditioner, helping to lower your monthly utility bills.

    Common Dehumidifier Problems

    Like all systems and appliances in your home, occasionally your dehumidifier might encounter problems.

    Some of the more common issues you might experience are:

    The Unit Doesn’t Turn On

    This can indicate a blown electrical circuit or other issues that should be inspected by a professional.

    The System’s Reservior is Full

    This can prevent the system from turning on.

    The Evaporator Coils are Frozen

    This can signal that the room temperature is too low for the system, and should be checked by a technician.

    Theres a Refrigerant Leak

    This should be inspected and repaired by a contractor, as refrigerant is a dangerous substance and should only be handled by professionals.

    How To Properly Maintain Your Dehumidifier

    It’s important to keep your dehumidifier fully functioning to experience all of the benefits it can provide.

    To do this, perform these maintenance tasks regularly to keep your unit working properly:

    • Change the filter regularly.
    • Inspect the condenser coils often.
    • Clean the exhaust and intake grills.
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