Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement in Asheville

Prevent fires and other risks to your home with properly working light switches and outlets. Call us for services in Asheville.

You likely take it for granted that when you flip a light switch the lights will turn on. Or when you plug a device into an outlet that it works. So when these switches and outlets malfunction it can create an inconvenience for your household - in addition to presenting risks of fires and other issues. For outlet and switch repairs in Asheville, NC, call Champion Comfort Experts. We offer same-day services to restore comfort to your home!

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Advantages of GFCI Outlet Installation

Does your home have ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) installed in areas near water? If you live in an older home, you might not have these units - which are now required in order for your home to be up-to-code. Upgrading your outlets to GFCIs can have several benefits, including preventing injury from a fire or electrocution caused by water getting into an outlet.

Other advantages can include preventing shocks when plugging in devices and preventing your appliances from being damaged by electrical currents.

If you need GFCI outlets added to your home, call Champion Comfort Experts today to schedule an appointment with our technicians.

How To Keep Your Electrical Outlets Maintained

When your electrical outlets fail it can create major inconveniences for your family. To keep them working properly, it’s important to use the following tips:

  • Insert plugs gently into outlets to cut down on the wear and tear.
  • Shut off appliances, fixtures, and devices before unplugging them.
  • Pull by the plug, not the cord, when unplugging an item from an outlet.
  • Be careful to not overload a unit with extension cords, appliances, and multi-way plugs.
  • Schedule an appointment to have an electrical contractor inspect your devices to ensure they are functioning properly, are correctly wired, and are safely grounded.

Protect your family by ensuring your smoke detectors work properly. Call us for smoke detector services in Asheville!

Causes of Common Outlet Issues

To prevent fires and other risks in your home, it’s important to catch outlet issues as soon as they occur so you can have them promptly repaired by a professional. Some common outlet issues you might encounter can include:

  • Short circuiting: Exposed wiring or loose connections can cause short circuiting, which can potentially lead to a fire.
  • Age: If your units are older and have experienced wear and tear, they may need to be replaced.
  • Faulty installation: If you installed your outlets yourself, you should have a professional inspect them to ensure they are installed correctly so they don’t put your home at risk.
  • Overloading: Plugging too much into a unit can create more wattage than the device can handle -- leading to a fire risk.

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