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    Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and colorless. Without a carbon monoxide detector, there’s no way to know it’s there—and exposure can be fatal. That’s why having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home is so vital to your family’s safety.

    At Champion Comfort Experts, we offer professional carbon monoxide detector replacement and installation services in Asheville, NC. Our experts will advise you on the location and the correct number of devices to install to keep your loved ones safe.

    Why Do You Need Home Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

    Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that impedes the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. It’s produced when a fuel, such as wood or natural gas, doesn’t burn properly. Improperly installed or maintained appliances are the most common cause of residential carbon monoxide leaks.

    Carbon monoxide detectors provide an early CO gas leak alert, giving your family precious time to vacate the property and seek safety outdoors. If there are fuel-powered appliances in your home, such as a non-electric stove, water heater, or furnace, you should have carbon monoxide detectors installed.

    Signs You Have a Carbon Monoxide Leak

    There are several signs to look out for to detect a carbon monoxide leak.

    These include:

    • The pilot light frequently blows out
    • Yellow instead of blue burner flames (except in natural gas fireplaces, which use yellow flames)
    • Condensation on windows near your gas appliance
    • The smell of unusual gases in the home—even though carbon monoxide has no odor, exhaust fumes that sometimes accompany this gas do have an odor
    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    If you’re late in detecting the leak and notice the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as dizziness and chronic fatigue, vacate your home immediately and give us a call on your cell phone.

    Asheville Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Replacement

    Carbon monoxide detectors are essential in any home that uses propane, gas, or oil-fueled appliances, as well as houses with fireplaces or attached garages.

    It is advisable to engage a professional electrician to install carbon monoxide detectors—and you won’t find better electricians anywhere in Ashville than those on our team at Champion Comfort Experts.

    We will properly install detectors:

    • At least 15 feet away from fuel-burning appliances or fireplaces
    • In the master bedroom or hallway
    • On every level of the home

    You can count on us for professional detector installation and replacement services.

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    Champion Comfort Experts is here to help keep Asheville, NC, residents safe from carbon monoxide gas poisoning. Contact us today to schedule hard-wired or battery-powered carbon monoxide detector installation.