Filter Replacement Services in AshevilleWhen was the last time you replaced the filters in your air conditioner or furnace? If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long. Call us to learn about our filter replacement services in Asheville.

    When performing maintenance on your AC unit or furnace, you might focus on the air ducts, refrigerant, evaporator coil, sensor, and other inner components, but there’s another element that can’t be overlooked — the filter. Regularly replacing the filters can improve indoor air quality and keep the system running efficiently. Call Champion Comfort Experts to schedule filter replacement services in Asheville, NC. We offer same-day services to restore comfort to your home.

    Potential Risks of Not Replacing Your Filters

    Do you often forget to replace your AC and furnace filters every three months, as recommended?

    If you regularly fail to replace them, it can lead to risks and potential issues with your heating and cooling systems, including:

    • Lower indoor air quality, as the filters aren’t removing allergens and other debris.
    • Inadequate airflow, as the filters may be clogged or not allowing air to move as expected.
    • Risk of the system breaking down or failing in the near future.
    • Higher repair costs and more frequent issues as the unit needs to work harder to overcome the dirty filter.
    • Increased wear and tear on the system, causing it to age more quickly.
    • Increase in monthly utility bills as the system is using more energy to function.

    How Often Should Filters Be Replaced?

    When replacing your heating and cooling systems’ filters, make sure you are doing it as often as experts recommend.

    Potential Risks of Not Replacing Your Filters

    You can use the following list for guidance as to when you should change your filters:

    • Every six months if you don’t have a pet.
    • Every three months if you live in an urban area, due to potential outdoor air quality issues.
    • Every two months if you have a pet.
    • Every month if you or anyone in your household has pet allergies.
    • More often during periods of extended AC use, such as the heat of summer.

    Benefits of Replacing Filters Regularly

    Replacing your furnace and AC filters regularly can result in several benefits for you and your household.

    Some of the advantages can include:
    • Improved indoor air quality, which can make you and your family healthier.
    • Lower utility bills, as your system doesn’t have to work as hard.
    • Increased lifespan of your unit, as replacing the filters can reduce the amount of wear and tear.
    • Reduced dust around your home, as the filters can properly collect dust and other particles.
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    To schedule filter replacement services in Asheville, NC, call Champion Comfort Experts. We provide same-day services and upfront pricing to our customers.