Does Your HVAC System Need a Freon Recharge?

Freon is the “blood” of the HVAC system. It runs through the AC system and helps remove the heat from the air to return cool air to the rest of the house. However, freon has a limited lifespan and sometimes needs to be changed (the process of changing the freon in an AC system is called “recharging”). Knowing the signs of an HVAC issue, and how to fix one if it comes up, is essential for any homeowner. Experienced local HVAC technicians are here to pass along their own knowledge!

What Problems Can Be Caused By Low Freon?

The obvious and most problematic issue caused by low freon is that the HVAC system doesn’t work. This can manifest itself in two ways: the air conditioner not turn on in the first place, and the air conditioner failing to cool down the home. In almost every case, the root of the problem is a leak of refrigerant somewhere in the system. This is when a freon recharge comes into play.

An HVAC technician will remove the old freon and “recharge” it by replacing it with fresh, new freon. While this may sound like a simple, easy procedure, it should always be performed by an HVAC technician (this will be discussed in more detail later in this article).

What Does Freon Do?

So how exactly does the freon work in the home’s air conditioning system?

Freon can move between a gas and a liquid state, depending on where it is in the HVAC unit. Cold freon starts out in the compressor, in its gaseous state. The compressor works to compress it with a small amount of oil to keep the compressor lubricated. As the freon compresses, it also warms up and becomes more pressurized. As the newly pressurized freon travels through the evaporator coils, the temperature cools back off, returning the freon back to its liquid state. That liquid is what absorbs the excess heat, cooling off the home.

Eventually, all of these physical changes wear down the freon, making it necessary for the homeowner to have a freon recharge performed to keep the system

What Are Freon Recharge Services?

While a freon recharge is an essential part of keeping the air conditioning working smoothly, it is not a service that the homeowner should attempt to perform on their own. Freon can be very dangerous if it is inhaled or comes in contact with skin, and can cause health symptoms like respiratory distress, fainting, and redness or itching of the skin.

HVAC professionals are trained and licensed to be able to perform freon recharge safely and effectively. Homeowners should always call an HVAC technician to handle any of these services.

They also have the right equipment needed to perform a freon recharge without spilling any refrigerant or damaging the overall system and know about any applicable EPA standards that need to be followed. While they have a technician in their home, homeowners should also strongly consider having their regular maintenance services performed. This will keep the HVAC system running smoothly for even longer.

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