A Fresh Look at HVAC Decorations

The holiday season is here. With it comes lots of parties, cooking, events, and decorations. When it comes to holiday decorations, many people enjoy decorating both their yard and home. This can be time-consuming, but it’s often a labor of love and one that produces rewarding results that are enjoyed throughout the holiday season.

After you’ve thoroughly decorated your yard and home, it can be frustrating to have parts of your HVAC unit stand out. In fact, things you hadn’t previously noticed can become an eyesore. This year, avoid these problems by getting creative and trying some HVAC decorations. Here are a few tips to help you get started with festive HVAC decorations.

Decorating your Outdoor HVAC Unit

If your outdoor unit is visible from the front of your home like many whole house generators are, you might want to get creative and find some ways to decorate it or cover it. Consider putting any large decorations in front of your unit to block it from view.
Or, try outlining the space where your unit is with lights. Finally, consider putting a bow or a wreath on a wall near your HVAC unit.

As you work to have your unit blend in with your decorations, remember to prioritize safety and to ensure that nothing gets too close to the unit or interferes with it. Have fun with this and think of ways to integrate your unit into this year’s display.

Remember to Not Cover HVAC System Vents

For many, holiday decorations change the configuration of furniture and the decor throughout the house. When this happens, it can lead to vents being in the center of displays.

While it might be tempting to cover these vents with decorations, avoid this temptation. Doing so will restrict airflow to the room and will lead to overworking your HVAC unit. It also will lead to an increase in your utility bill.

Rather than blocking the air duct, consider putting decorations around the vent to better incorporate it into the display. Or, if moving furniture will result in a blocked vent, think of ways to adjust your decorations to avoid blocking any vents.

Don’t Forget your Window HVAC Unit

Many people associate window units with being an eyesore (even the best of HVAC window units) or with taking away from the aesthetics of their home. Yet, window units can be an effective and efficient way to cool a room or certain areas of your home.
And, you can help to make them stand out less. During the holidays, for example, consider surrounding the indoor portion of the unit with lights or garland and putting an LED lantern or candle on the outdoor unit.

Have fun getting your home ready for the holiday season. As you do, remember to avoid doing anything that will interfere with your HVAC unit and work to find ways to include your system in this year’s display. If you have any safety concerns or questions, it’s best to always play it safe and contact a trusted HVAC professional for advice.

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