Preparing for Hurricane Season with Knowledge About Generators

Few things are as stressful as having to deal with damage from storms. When hurricanes threaten, there is a lot to do to prepare as it makes landfall, all the while worrying about what is going to happen to personal property. Losing power at any point is an unacceptable and preventable problem. Technology now offers a solution to prevent a loss of power resulting from a major storm.

Installing a generator in a home can help prevent the dangers of power loss. Local comfort specialists offer their advice to help prevent a loss of power to homeowners.

Why are Backup Generators Necessary?

Any time there is widespread power loss, there are compounding factors that make it more than inconvenient. Homes are reliant on electrical power to provide families with warmth, safe food, and sanitation, as well as comforts like light and entertainment. Power loss can be detrimental to a family’s health that FEMA recommends throwing out food from a refrigerator after a power loss of only four hours. During an extended power loss, having additional power can make all the difference.

Types of Generators

While there are a couple of options to consider when thinking about adding supplemental power to a home, we recommend installing a whole-home generator.

Whole home generators are electricity-generating devices that are installed into the infrastructure of a home. Running off of propane or natural gas, they are connected to a home in such a way that allows them to automatically run in the event of a power outage. Once power is restored, they will shut off. These devices are prized for their convenience and ease of use, as well as being able to power more of a home during an outage.

Picking the Best Whole Home Generator

Picking a whole home generator can be difficult for someone who isn’t an electrician. The best way to go about navigating this process is to get help from a professional. The electrician can help homeowners decide what they want to provide power to in the event of an outage and weigh that against the cost of buying an unnecessarily large generator.

The electrician can also help to explain the different devices that will be used to ensure that the generator remains safe. Special shutoff switches are legally required when installing a generator. Whole-home generators can feedback power onto the grid if not properly isolated. This can lead to an unsafe situation for line workers that are working to get power restored.

Working with a professional can ensure that the right size generator is chosen and that it is installed according to the highest levels of safety for workers and the family.

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