At Champion Comfort Experts, families are our focus. We want to help eliminate some of those homeowner burdens so you can spend time on what matters the most. Having a new HVAC system installed is a pretty big deal. Still, our qualified technicians and personable customer service team will create a seamless service experience for you and your family. And after we finish, your home will be more comfortable than ever, and you may even notice lower household utility bills

Before your HVAC installation team arrives at your home, you can take a few steps to prepare. These steps will help ensure a simple, efficient, and uncomplicated installation process.


Preparing for an HVAC Installation


  1. Create space. Make sure that your installers have plenty of room to work. Remember that HVAC equipment tends to be big and bulky, so you’ll want to remove any unnecessary clutter at the installation site. Also, consider the path to the installation site; ensure ample space for your installer to move around and access tools and equipment. For outdoor installations, make sure you trim back any obstructing shrubs, trees, or other plants.
  2. Make arrangements for kids and pets. We recommend keeping kids and pets away from the installation area to ensure everyone’s safety. That means securing dogs and other animals behind fences or in crates and ensuring that any young children in the house are well-supervised.
  3. Be present. If possible, the homeowner or primary decision-maker should be at home during the installation. Having the responsible party on hand makes it easy for the installer to convey necessary instructions or seek permission for unexpected allowances or accommodations.
  4. Think through your HVAC needs. If an HVAC company comes to your home to install a new unit, it may also be an excellent time to ask about other services. For example, you might utilize your installer’s presence by inquiring about duct inspections or a thermostat replacement.


Schedule HVAC Maintenance in Asheville, NC

We’re a company in the community for the community, and our team of honest/professional technicians is standing by.  Are you ready for your HVAC maintenance or installation appointment? Call Champion Comfort Experts at (828) 490-9700. We’d love to tell you more about our expertise in electrical repair, HVAC installation, and more. Champion Comfort Experts is the team you can trust for a qualified AC repair service in Flat Rock and Asheville, NC.


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