At Champion Comfort Experts, we have our people in mind. We believe that in order for our employees to take great care of our customers, they must feel like they have been taken great care of.

We would go as far as to say that we’re quite possibly the most employee-focused service company in Western North Carolina.

For nearly two decades, Champion Comfort Experts has built a reputation for outstanding service, exceptional quality, and unmatched reliability.

6 Reasons Our Employees Love Working Here:
  • Proud of the Service We Provide: Craftsmanship is your specialty. We want you to understand that your work is something to be proud of. When you finish your last job every day, you can confidently be proud of the work done.
  • Great Pay & Top-Notch Benefits: We pay fairly and pay well. It’s our hope that you will be free to enjoy your life.
  • Steady Hours & Respect for Family Time: We are invested in your overall well-being, both professionally and personally.
  • A Team that Feels Like Family: Go to work with a smile on your face knowing you have people who support you and care about you.
  • Growth Opportunity: We are constantly learning and improving trade. Helping You reach your full potential is part of our mission.
  • Chance to Become a Champion to the World at Large: Being a part of the Champion Comfort Experts team means you’re not just fixing problems for homeowners: you’re making a difference in the world at large.
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