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Your home relies on electricity to keep you comfortable, cool, and connected. When you experience a shortage or outage, it gets in the way of your daily routine. Champion Comfort Experts is here to help. We use modern and state-of-the-art technology to keep your home running smoothly. We're committed to keeping your home safe and comfortable. That’s why we offer prompt service alongside all of our popular electrical services.

Whether you’re dealing with flickering lights or a broken ceiling fan, we can send one of our certified and licensed home technicians out to you. We provide top-quality electrical repairs.

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Here’s a list of our electrical services we provide:

4 Signs You Need Outlet Replacement

How can you know if you need electrical outlet repair if you can’t see the problem? Believe it or not, you can protect against threats you didn’t know were thereby looking for the signs the professionals look for. We can tell when your system is failing you. Here are some indications all is not right with your home’s electrical:

  • Cracked outlet plate: An outlet plate covers your outlet. Any visible damage should be cause for concern. Severe damage could mean an increased risk of fire and shock.
  • Fluctuating power: If your outlet only supplies power half of the time, it could be a sign of bad wiring or other electrical issues.
  • Loose plugs: If your plugs are loose, it could mean the socket is not lining up with the electric components behind the faceplate.
  • 2-prong outlet: While two prong outlets might still work, most modern appliances require a 3-prong outlet. This is because they are grounded and safer to operate.

Signs Your Generator Needs a Repair

If you’re one of the smart homeowners who have installed a whole house generator, you know how much of a benefit it can be to have one in your home. But if you want to make sure you continue enjoying these benefits, you want to be able to know when you need to schedule generator repair. Your generator is no good if it doesn’t work when you need it. Here’s when you should call:

  • Your generator’s electrical components look worn or damaged.
  • Your generator is leaking coolant, fuel, or water.
  • Your generator takes a while to start up or start inconsistently.

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Professional and Fast Service

You shouldn’t have to resort to attempting dangerous electrical DIY repairs on your home because you think you can’t get access to service in the middle of the night. At Champion Comfort Experts, you have access to a reliable electrician who can assist you with any electrical issues you could be dealing with. Don’t stay up all night trying to find a solution – call us! We’ll be right there to get your system back up and running smoothly. Aside from receiving the Champion Comfort Experts experience, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Modern technology
  • Same-day service
  • Financing and maintenance plans
  • Licensed technicians

Champion Comfort Experts in Asheville, NC is ready to assist you! We are here to help keep the lights and power on so that you can stay connected no matter what. Call 828-232-6515 to request immediate service or schedule online!