Air Handler Services in Asheville

When your air handler malfunctions it can impact your entire heating and cooling system. Call us for repairs, installations, and replacement services in Asheville!

Without a functioning air handler, the airflow through your heating and cooling systems can’t be regulated or circulated. This can greatly impact the temperature and overall comfort level in your house. When your air handler needs repairs, it’s important to act quickly and schedule services. Call Champion Comfort Experts for repair, installation, and replacement services in Asheville, NC. We offer same-day appointments to restore comfort to your house as soon as possible!

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Why Air Handlers Are Important

How often do you think about your air handler? OK, let’s face it, not often, right? But this unit serves a crucial role in your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. It provides the following functions:

  • Regulates and circulates airflow.
  • Directs air through your heating and cooling system.
  • Pushes air through at pre-calculated rates, based on the system size and area that needs to be heated or cooled.
  • Regulates the circulation rate and ensures that air is adequately distributed.

4 Issues That Cause Air Handlers to Breakdown

From time to time your air handler may encounter issues that will require professional repairs. Some common problems can include:

  • Clogged air filters.
  • Cooling coils clogged by dirt and dust.
  • Worn or faulty fan belts.
  • Burnt out blower motor.

If your air handler shows signs of these issues, call Champion Comfort Experts to schedule an appointment with our AC contractors.

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Benefits of Regular Air Handler Inspections

Because your air handler plays an important role in your heating and cooling systems, it’s important to keep it functioning properly all year. To avoid having it unexpectedly breakdown, have it inspected regularly by a professional. Scheduling routine maintenance on your unit each year can provide the following benefits:

  • Let technicians identify small problems that could become larger issues if not treated.
  • Inspect the blower motor to assess its functionality and efficiency. A professional will look for changes in speed and ensure there is an effective output of forced air through the system.
  • Check the fan belts. These can deteriorate over time and become faulty, so it’s best to have them inspected regularly by a technician so he or she can spot signs of wear and tear.
  • Clean the cooling coils to remove any clogs caused by dirt and dust.
  • Change the air filters regularly to ensure the system can run efficiently and improve the indoor air quality.

For air handler repairs and replacements in Asheville, NC, call Champion Comfort Experts at 828-232-6515. Our technicians provide same-day services to help restore comfort to your home.