Heat Pumps are the Smart Choice for Heating the Home

It’s no surprise that mankind has found innovative ways to heat living spaces since they discovered fire. Beating the winter cold has always been critical for making it through long cold spells and modern times are no different. Traditionally, fossil fuels have been burned in modern homes to keep them warm but technological innovations can continue to propel homes into the future.

Heat pump technology is one of the newest and most popular choices for heating and cooling a home. Local Hendersonville heat pump service technicians are here to share the benefits of this important and cost-saving technology.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A simple understanding of physics is important to understand how a heat pump works. “Heat” is a measure of the energy present in a substance. Just because a substance, such as winter air, feels cold doesn’t mean that “heat” is not present. Through special refrigerants and compressors, a heat pump pumps heat from one place to another.

In the case of heaters, the same refrigerant used for cooling is compressed, causing it to heat up. This hot fluid is pumped inside, where it heats indoor air as the blower cycles on and off. The heat energy is removed and the cold refrigerant is pumped outside to regain some of the heat lost from outdoor air. It is easy to understand this process by thinking of the hot air coming from a condenser unit in the summer being reversed to put that heat inside during the winter.

Added Benefits of Ductless Heating

Ductless mini-split systems have become increasingly popular choices for cooling homes. Most people don’t know that they also do a good job heating homes using the same equipment and operating principles present in ductless systems. Ductless systems rely on the genius design of heat pumps to heat and cool air and distribute it around the home without the use of conventional ductwork.
Along with the energy savings that come along with installing ductless systems, the benefits of ductless heating include:

  • Cleaner air that isn’t distributed through dirty ductwork
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Perfect retrofit designs
  • Cheap heating and cooling options for shops and garages with added living spaces
  • Additional easy heating and cooling power for home additions

Save Energy, Save Money

One of the best budget choices that homeowners can make is to invest in equipment that uses less energy. Energy prices are always steadily rising, so installing more energy-efficient equipment now means more savings as prices rise. Along with the reduced energy usage comes a smaller carbon footprint for every home that updates. So homeowners have a vested interest in lowering energy usage and saving money.

Heat pump technology checks all boxes for eco-friendly heating, energy savings, and reduced bills. By making the switch now, the savings can add up for decades to come without sacrificing the comfort and performance of traditional heating and cooling options. When it comes time to replace an air conditioner or a furnace, heat pump technology is the perfect replacement for a traditional heating and cooling system or as an upgrade to a ductless heating and cooling system.

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