As the air grows cooler, you’ll undoubtedly break out your winter apparel to prepare for lower temperatures. However, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that should be winterized when the seasons change. Your home’s heating system must also be prepped for cold weather. To avoid a major repair later reach out to your local heating services in Flat Rock, NC for a preventative check-up. Here are some ways to ensure your HVAC system is ready for winter. 

Stay Warm This Winter

Calling an HVAC Maintenance Company in Flat Rock, NC

The first step you’ll want to take to winterize your heating system is contacting your heating and air service in Flat Rock, NC, to come and perform routine maintenance on your unit. The technician checks that your system is working correctly, and if any repairs are needed. 


If you have a furnace, it will need to be cleaned to prevent you and your loved ones from breathing in anything harmful. Failing to ensure your system is in good condition at the start of the season could leave you searching for HVAC repair companies at an inconvenient time. 


Changing Your Filter

When dust and dirt clog the filter, your system must work harder to move air throughout your home. When you change the filter before winter, you allow your heater to achieve optimal efficiency. While changing the filter, you’ll also want to clean the vents because if they become obstructed by household debris, such as pet fur and dust, your system will have to use more energy to force air through the blocked vents.


Checking Insulation Levels

If heat is escaping your home because it isn’t well-insulated, your heater will have to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. Not only will this make your energy usage soar, but it will also cause unnecessary stress on your heating system. 


If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, this is a risk you don’t want to take. Making it as easy as possible for your heater to keep your home warm is a key step in avoiding having to call HVAC companies in Flat Rock, NC, looking for someone who can install a new heating system during a freeze, especially if you have an older unit. 


Find Trustworthy Heating Services in Flat Rock, NC

Completing these steps to winterize your heating system and home will help your house maintain a pleasant temperature and prevent excessive strain on your HVAC unit. For all your heating and cooling needs, contact Champion Comfort Experts. From furnace installation to AC repair, our team is ready to make your home more comfortable.


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