How To Know If You Need Air Duct Replacement

Air ducts serve the essential need for providing hot and cold air throughout a home. Often forgotten, they are the highway of the HVAC system, keeping the home at the desired temperature during every season of the year. They’re used almost every day, and after working hard for a decade or so, they’ll need replacement.

Homeowners should keep reading to find out how to know when it’s time to replace air ducts.

Aging Ductwork Needs Retiring

The average ductwork of a home lasts 10 to 15 years if cared for properly. Routine care should include yearly inspections by an HVAC professional, regular cleanings, and updates. If proper maintenance is not done, that average lifespan shrinks.

Aging ductwork is susceptible to air-seal leaks, gaps, and drafts that bog down the system and raise electric bills. Deterioration can get bad enough to cause ductwork to collapse, and when ductwork has reached the threshold of 15 years, it’s time to replace it.

Growing Utility Bills

If energy bills skyrocket in the winter and the house is still freezing, or if the AC is always on and the house is an oven, it’s likely a ducting issue. Utility bills are a clear indicator of ducting health. Old, damaged, and dirty ducting reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system.

An efficient ducting system does not have to force air over obstacles. When gaps, leaks, or dirt and dust are present, the efficiency is greatly reduced. The furnace and air conditioning have to work harder to circulate air, ultimately running longer to maintain temperatures. The constant running and overworking of the system give rise to expensive energy bills.

A blower test can be performed by an HVAC specialist to diagnose the areas with any leaks. If the issue is minor, it may be fixed with an air seal by the HVAC company. This is a temporary fix. Like slapping duct tape on a leak, the trouble will return if not fixed. Over time, patches will stop working, and the ducting will need replacement.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If the home is always dusty and musty-smelling, the ductwork may be to blame. Most people don’t annually clean their ducting, and it isn’t a job that can be done by the homeowner. Dirt and dust will build up in the ducting, and as the furnace or AC unit runs, it blows it through the house. When fresh air isn’t circulating in from windows, the dust continuously circulates throughout the home in the winter.

This issue is compounded by poor air sealing of the ducts or deteriorating ducting. Aging ducting is prone to more holes, leaks that can lead to mold, and other issues that enable dirt and dust to accumulate. To prevent allergens and dirt from invading air ducts and the home, installing new ductwork can handle the load. Reach out to a qualified HVAC professional for more information on ductwork replacement and maintenance.

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